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Day 11 - Perseverance

January 24, 2019
By Patricia Weidman, CSA
blessing and a privilege

We are persevering! One more day to work at the humanitarian respite center! It’s been a blessing and a privilege. The census was so large yesterday that the refugees didn’t all leave on a bus. The holdovers were still here today, plus 220 new arrivals. Tables were set up in the corridor in order to feed everyone. A journalist and photographer were here from Germany. I distributed men’s clothing. A new volunteer and I worked well together, she with her street Spanish and me with my bookish Spanish. When I felt weary, a pleasant and courteous refugee would lift my spirits. I hope I did the same for him. A young mother carried an infant that was born yesterday. Even with the crowded conditions, the seasoned volunteers say they are unaware of a fight or incident.

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