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Day 10 - Increased Census

January 23, 2019
By Patricia Weidman, CSA
more women religious volunteer

In between bus loads, I gathered parents and children for a vocabulary lesson. When I explain the meaning of words to Latinos, my mind translates from English to Spanish to English. A man in my group today who knew a little English helped me to improve my Spanish, which became a reciprocal event. There was a journalist here this morning, who lives in Brooklyn and writes in Finnish for a newspaper in Finland. There was also a journalist here this afternoon, who writes for USA TODAY. In total today 445 refugees arrived! The kitchen ran out of food. A restaurant owner delivered taco meals. This building is not big enough for so many refugees. Once the children’s needs are met, they play in the yard. A Little Falls Minnesota Franciscan lives nearby and volunteers. There are other women religious here now, who like us, responded to the invitation from LCWR to volunteer.

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