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Waspam Events

 October 2018

Waspam Says Farewell to CSA with Gratitude and Blessings for 73 Years of Service


In December 1945 the Sisters of St. Agnes arrived in Waspam, Río Coco, Nicaragua, to begin ministry in health care and in education.  The mission they embraced has continued and developed for 73 years.

Now the time has come for the Sisters of St. Agnes to say good-bye as they transfer their ministry in San Rafael Parish, Colegio Santa Inés and Clínica Santa Inés to the Missionaries of Charity of Mary Immaculate, whose headquarters are in Guatemala.  As the school year closes in November 2018, the last two Sisters of St. Agnes serving in Waspam, Sister Esperanza Rico and Sister Rose Kowalski, will move to Managua and Rosita, respectively.

On October 24-26, 2018, a variety of parish and civic events were held to honor the presence and ministry of over 50 Sisters of St. Agnes in Waspam since 1945.  These events included:

~a festive Eucharistic Liturgy at San Rafael Church on October 25; Bishop David Zywiec Sidor, Capuchin, of the newly created Diocese of Siuna, was present together with Father Nilo Mitchel, pastor of the parish;

~the municipality of Waspam prepared an exhibit at La Casa Cultural featuring the legacy of the Sisters of St. Agnes in Waspam from the beginnings of the mission until the present;

~the municipality also sponsored a reception and refreshments, with many guests attending from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the parish;

~at Colegio Santa Inés, a Cultural Performance was held on October 25; later everyone walked from the school through the streets of Waspam in celebration of the occasion;

~on October 26, the Rhythm Band of the school marched through Waspam as a salute to the presence of CSA for 73 years in Waspam, Río Coco;

Sister Petrona Herrera sent photos from the celebration at San Rafael Parish in order to share the spirit of the Ceremony for the Closing of the Mission-October 25, 2018.