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CSA Sisters Welcome Student Learners

January 03, 2020
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

Students at the border

From December 14-21, seven students and three chaperones, including Sister Belinda Monahan, OSB, from Northwestern University visited and participated in the lives of those whose faith life and human dignity are threatened. During their trip they stayed with in the home of Sister Mary Rose Obholz and Susan Kolb. 

Sister Mary Rose was thrilled with the experience. "They brought youthful energy to the Nieves de la Rosa house. ... They talked with an asylum seeker from Mexico who is now living in Naco Sonora - the place she fled.  They saw people from Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and parts of Mexico. The experiences each day moved them to the questions, 'what can we do?' 'How can we bring the message to others?'"

They journeyed from Naco, Sonora to Agua Prieta to Tucson (Casa Alitas)to learn first-hand about how immigration works for asylum seekers, migrants, and immigrants and experienced challenges and hope as did the Sisters of St. Agnes.

Student and chaperones recorded a brief reflection each day, which can be found on the website of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago.

Students at the border

The students talked with asylum seekers waiting in line at the "tent city" near Agua Prieta. 

Learning from the Sisters

Sister Guadalupe Completes Licensure

November 08, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Sister Guadalupe at her defense

Congratulations to Sister Guadalupe Aguilar!

Sister Guadalupe recently completed her coursework and research for pre-school/kindergarten education. She completed defense of her Monograph and passed with “flying colors”.  

Sister Guadalupe is now a fully licensed preschool/kindergarten teacher in Nicaragua where she will continue in the ministry of education.

Sister Ruth at Shepherd of the Hills School Retreat

May 23, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Sister Ruth at SOTH School Retreat

As a part of their retreat, seventh and eighth grade students from Shepherd of the Hills school engage with Sister Ruth in a discussion about leadership.

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