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Adelante Mujer Students and Doctors at Work

February 07, 2020
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

Adelante Mujer doctor at work

Greetings to Friends and Donors!
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this month's news is very valuable. Visit the Adelante Mujer webpage to see what our students and doctors are up to.

Rita Thomas, Board Member
 Adelante Mujer, Inc.

Gratitude from Adelante Mujer

October 11, 2019
By Adelante Mujer
Heart with stethoscope

Greetings to Friends and Donors!
The latest group of medical students who applied for funding recently received the wonderful news that they have been accepted into the program and will receive monthly funding from Adelante Mujer. They express their gratitude to all who have made it possible. Click here to read their comments.

Rita Thomas, Board Member
Adelante Mujer, Inc.


Help Sponsor Future Women Doctors in Nicaragua

August 08, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Help women doctors in Nicaragua

Greetings to Friends and Donors!

We have been asked why we only support women medical students. You will learn the origins of our focus and why we continue this practice by clicking here.

Rita Thomas
Board Member ~ Adelante Mujer, Inc.

Adelante Mujer greatly appreciates your help!

An Update from Adelante Mujer

May 07, 2019
By Diane Bauknecht, CSA
Adelante Mujer

Help sponsor future women-doctors in Nicaragua. Sister Ann, Adelante Mujer foundress, has received some special gifts from the women in the program as a token of their gratitude for all she has done for them. Without Adelante Mujer, these women would not have been able to become medical doctors. When you donate to Adelante Mujer, every penny received goes to helping cover expenses of the schooling needed to become medical doctors in Nicaragua. Here is an update from Nicaragua. 

Adelante Mujer Presents 14 New Doctors

April 03, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, in Bilwi/Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua the fifth class of doctors raised their right hands and pronounced Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors through the ages. Congratulations to 14 industrious young women for their courage to pursue higher education! Congratulations to their families who accompanied them through six years of significant challenges and rewarding accomplishments. Congratulations to every donor to Adelante Mujer because your gift not only blessed these doctors with a profession but will also benefit thousands of Nicaraguans by the health care they provide for decades into the future.

A dream of Sister Ann McKean, CSA, PhD, begun ten years ago, continues to reap innumerable blessings. Congratulations, Doctors! Thank you, Donors!

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