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Grateful - Part 2 - An update from Adelante Mujer

November 11, 2019
By Adelante Mujer

stethoscope in shape of heart

Greetings to Friends and Donors!
The remaining 3 students who were accepted into the program this semester have sent their heartfelt messages of thanks to you. The money they receive each month is imperative to their continued enrollment in medical school. To read their messages click  here.

Rita Thomas
Board Member Adelante Mujer, Inc.

Sister Madeline Gianforte Featured on "Natalie's Everyday Heroes"

November 08, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Sister Madeline Gianforte on the left, at CORE El Centro

Each week CBS 58's Natalie Shepherd features an "Everyday Hero." This week, her segment focused on Sister Madeline Gianforte, CSA, on the co-founders of CORE El Centro in downtown Milwaukee. 

You can watch the full video and read a transcript of the interview on the CBS 58 (Milwaukee) website.

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Sister Guadalupe Completes Licensure

November 08, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Sister Guadalupe at her defense

Congratulations to Sister Guadalupe Aguilar!

Sister Guadalupe recently completed her coursework and research for pre-school/kindergarten education. She completed defense of her Monograph and passed with “flying colors”.  

Sister Guadalupe is now a fully licensed preschool/kindergarten teacher in Nicaragua where she will continue in the ministry of education.

Sister Dulce Receives Diploma in Laudato Si' and Sustainable Development

November 04, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Sister Dulce with her diploma

On October 25, Sister Dulce María Rodríguez López received her Diploma in Laudato Si’ and Sustainable Development from the Universidad Centroamericana.

The diploma program was a project of Asociación Roncalli-Juan XXIII and was sponsored by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) of England. 21 professionals from CAFOD partner agencies strengthened their knowledge on climate change, agroecology, and resilience through the lens of the “Care of the Common Home” as referenced in Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si’. Sister Dulce attended as a representative of CANTERA - a center in Managua for promoting education, growth and development among the people.

The inaugural diploma program began on June 14, 2019 and was taught by Alirio Cáceres Aguirre who has a Master’s Degree in theology and eco-theology. A mixed methods approach was utilized to allow participants to learn in classrooms and in the Nicaraguan forests.

See pictures from the event.

Associates Journey to Arizona

October 25, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Wall in Naco, Sonora

On October 27, six CSA Associates will journey to Arizona to visit with sisters and associates living and working near the Mexican border. As part of the trip, the Associates will hear stories from recent immigrants, visit tent cities, witness "streamlining," and learn about the details of the sisters ministries in Bisbee and Tucson. 

Follow along with their story each day as the participants take turns reflecting on their experiences. Updates will be posted to our Special Stories blog "At the Border - Tucson."

Christopherson Joins CSA as New Video and Digital Media Specialist

October 23, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Mary Christopherson

The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes (CSA) is pleased to announce its recent hire of Mary Christopherson as the new Video and Digital Media Specialist. As part of the Mission Advancement Team, Christopherson will be responsible for producing high-quality print, digital, and video content regarding topics such as vocational discernment, current ministry activities, contemplation and reflection, and special events.

Christopherson has a keen design sense and is excited to tell the stories of the strong women who live the mission of the congregation and inspire current and future charism carriers. Prior to joining the staff of CSA, Christopherson served as a Graphic Designer at BrownBoots Interactive as well as a Freelance Artist. Her portfolio includes work in digital animation, websites, and even book covers. Christopherson holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Japanese from Carthage College. Christopherson resides in Fond du Lac with her two cats, Pancake and Callie. She brings a love of cats, cartoons, and critiques of modern media through a feminist lens.

UNANIMA International - October Newsletter

October 17, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

News from the UN and around the world comes from UNANIMA International. The October issue includes:

  • What's Happening at the UN
  • Human Rights Council
  • Civil Society Conference
  • Grassroots Stories
  • Our Board and Staff
  • Resource Section

Download the English Newsletter

Descarga en español

Sisters Invite You to Pray for Peaceful and Just Elections

October 17, 2019
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes
Praying hands

The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee (JPIC) invites you to join us every Tuesday through from now to the 2020 elections in prayer for a peaceful and just US election process. 

We suggest a simple five minutes of individual contemplative silence at whatever time you choose. Our intention is to participate with the Spirit’s action and presence in our lives and in our country. We send forth our united prayerful energy.

We invite you to share with us insightful suggestions and your experience of participating by emailing Marilyn at If you would like to receive a weekly reminder email, please send a request to Marilyn via email.

These elections are critical; thank you for joining in TUESDAY PRAYER.

Election subcommittee: Sisters Julie Ann Krahl, Marilyn Bever, Ruth Battaglia

Download a PDF of this request by clicking here.

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