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Catholics at the Capital

May 01, 2019
By Ruth Battaglia, CSA
Catholics at the Capital

Associates Pat Belongie, Mary Gorske, Mary Ketterhagen, Kelly Robe, Renee Waters,  Sisters Julie Ann Krahl, Clare Lawlor, Kathleen Reis and Ruth Battaglia attended this year’s Catholics at the Capital in Madison. Every two years the Wisconsin Catholic Conference (WCC) joins several Catholic organizations in hosting this event. This year marked WCCs 50th Anniversary and 20 years of hosting Catholics at the Capitol. The keynote address “A Community of Generosity: Food, Faith & Fellowship,” presented by Executive Director Vincent Noth and Team Form Director Samantha Vosters, described the mission of Riverwest Food Pantry in Milwaukee as not only to relieve hunger but to create a community of belonging where everyone gives and everyone receives.

Breakout sessions included the topics of homelessness, Latino ministry and services, pro-life health care, prison ministry, and the principles of Catholic social teaching. A prayer service in the rotunda of the capital followed lunch. Then participants expressed their legislative concerns in meetings with their senators and representatives or their assistants. Clean water, preservation of wetlands, environmental protection, reform of the criminal justice system, and driving permits for people who are undocumented were among the topics raised by associates and sisters.

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