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The mission of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation ministry is to explore CSA's distinct contribution to the ongoing, nonviolent transformation of the world towards peace, justice and ecology. This work embraces the efforts of sisters, associates, co-workers and others who share the CSA vision. We live out the mission to bring about systemic change by using the lens of nonviolence to focus on the issues of women, children, health care, globalization (especially as it affects Latin America), seamless ethic of life.

Note: The ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author's and should not be ascribed to the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes or its members.



Resource/Actions (September 4)

September 04, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

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It is easy to think that my small efforts will not solve the problems facing Earth. It is true, they won't, but joined with the efforts of millions of other people they have an impact. The Dali Lama said “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. Be a mosquito and together we will be a swarm!”  Even then, It will take the concerted effort of individuals plus the united commitment of nations, corporations and organizations to successfully address the threats to our planet.

During the Season of Creation, Justice Alerts will offer simple reminders/suggestions for intentionally caring for Earth. Thank you to Sister Janet Ahler and Associate Pat Belongie, members of the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation's carbon footprint subcommittee for their research. 

 Anytime an electric cord is plugged into a socket it draws energy. In the U.S such “vampire power” is responsible for draining up to 19 billion dollars in energy every year.  Major home appliances account for one third of residential electricity consumption. (Mike Berners, How Bad are Bananas)

  1. Unplug items you use once or twice a day.
  2. Shut down computer and printer when you have finished using them.
  3. Use the dishwasher during the night when more electricity is available.
  4. Purchase high efficiency “Energy Star” appliances, which are certified to save energy; recycle old appliances.
  5. When you are not home, set thermostat higher in the summer and lower in winter.


  • The Laudato Si’ and Integral Ecology Franciscan Online Course is offered to everyone who wants to gain insights into the major themes of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical and who desires to become a part of the global Franciscan movement towards ecological conversion and systemic change. Register Here  
  • Pope Francis' September 1 message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 


The schedule for the 2020 Census has jumped all over the place this year. Recently it was shortened to end September 30 instead of October 31. Three options are offered for responding to the census: 1) Online, 2) Mail, 3) In person visit. Please inform any one who is fearful of responding because he/she is not a citizen that there is no citizenship question on the census form.  There are challenges to the reduced time in the courts, so we may not have heard the last word yet.


JustFaith Ministries:  On Thursday, September 10, 7:00 p.m. EDT, Mr. Bill O’Keefe, Executive Vice President, Mission, Mobilization & Advocacy, for Catholic Relief Services, will give a presentation entitled, “Think Globally; Act Virtually!  Advocacy in the COVID Era.”  Register Here

Immigrants and Refugees: At least 687 people have caught COVID-19 in ICE custody in Arizona. People are not being detained safely and need to be released. Click here to find a Toolkit with ways to hold ICE accountable for COVID Infections. Raise an alarm about the continuation of deportations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ever-worsening anti-asylum executive orders. Demand that your elected officials stop the deportations and defund the Asylum Cooperative Agreements. Sign a letter here.

As Congress is debating the next stimulus and recovery bill, contact your members of Congress today to make sure that money gets to the people and places that need it most. Click Here.

Capital Punishment

As it stand now there are no executions scheduled to take place during the months of October and November.  

Peaceful and Just Elections

Plan to Vote:

  • Register, or check to make sure that you are registered to vote. Make sure that you were not purged from the list of registered voters.
  • The most recent advice to assure that your ballot is counted is to vote early or at the polls.
  • If you choose the mail-in option, make sure that you follow carefully the directions for filling out both the ballot and the mailing envelope. Mail your ballot back as early as possible, or drop it in an official drop box, or hand it in at your polling place on election day. Most states are saying you must request a mail-in ballot by October 20 and recommend that you get it in the mail by October 26 or 27. States differ on when the deadline for submitting a ballot. Some say it must arrive by a certain time on election day. Others say they must be postmarked that day.
  • Do not vote twice--even if the President advises it. Voting twice is a felony offence. 

Help Others Vote: 

  • Share the above information with others.
  • Help someone register to vote or apply for a mail-in ballot. 
  • Remind family, friends, co-workers to register and to vote.
  • Volunteer to be a poll worker. Check out your polling place's safety precautions. 
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