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Nonviolence... Human trafficking... Women... The elderly... Immigrants' rights... Housing... Children... Prisoners' rights... Health care... World Hunger... Globalization, as it affects Latin America... Care of the earth... Seamless ethic of life

The mission of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation ministry is to explore CSA's distinct contribution to the ongoing, nonviolent transformation of the world towards peace, justice and ecology. This work embraces the efforts of sisters, associates, co-workers and others who share the CSA vision. We live out the mission to bring about systemic change by using the lens of nonviolence to focus on the issues of women, children, health care, globalization (especially as it affects Latin America), seamless ethic of life.

Note: The ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author's and should not be ascribed to the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes or its members.



Caring for Human Rights for 70 Years

December 10, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Fratelli Tutti and dove

Pope Francis makes an appeal for peace, justice, and loving relationships "In the name of God, who has created all humans beings equal in rights, duties and dignity, and who has called them to live together as brothers and sisters to fill the earth and make known  the values of goodness, love and peace."  # 285


Human Rights Day - December 10

“Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter
reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and
worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women
and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom…” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Preamble)

The Declaration of Human Rights is 70 years old.  


Stop Oil Tunnel Project on the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water in the world, supplying drinking water for 48 million people. Right now, oil giant Enbridge is seeking a permit for a massive fossil fuel tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac, a 4-mile-wide waterway that connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

The Canadian oil company is proposing to replace the existing Line 5 pipelines that run along the lake bottom at the Straits of Mackinac. Along the length of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline, there have been more than 30 oil spills, resulting in millions of gallons of oil spilling into waterways

Send a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today to show your opposition to Enbridge’s Line 5 oil tunnel.


Protect Indigenous Women

From Franciscan Action Network:


Protect our American Indian and Alaska Native Women

Support reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) with strong tribal provisions

Native American women face disproportionately high rates of violence. Most of these violent acts involve non-Native Americans, and directly contribute to the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Because 96 percent of the perpetrators of sexual violence against women and girls in Indian Country are non-Native, expanding tribal jurisdiction over non-Native assailants is necessary for seeking justice for survivors and victims. It is beyond unacceptable that the vast majority of these women never see their abusers or rapists brought to justice.

Here’s what you can do. Please write to your two senators to urge them to approve a Senate VAWA reauthorization bill similar to H.R. 1585, that restores tribal jurisdiction and ensures that resources are made available to victims. The provisions in the House bill are essential to protecting our most vulnerable sisters in Native communities.

Fill out this form to send an email to your Senators urging them to approve a Senate VAWA reauthorization bill that includes strong tribal provisions. Please feel free to edit the wording to personalize the letter. Then click the "Take Action" button at the bottom.


COVID Vaccine for Everyone

From Public Citizen:

The people of the world are all fighting the same virus, which doesn’t know an American from a Zimbabwean. The U.S. government has the power and resources to expand the supply of vaccines everywhere — by scaling-up manufacturing, sharing technology with the World Health Organization, and teaching the world to make safe and effective vaccines. That would help shorten the pandemic, save lives, and restore jobs. And not just in America, but around the world.

Tell President-elect Biden to help expand the vaccine worldwide.


Care of the Earth

From the Climate Reality Project:

Food is an essential of everyday life. But today, the effects of our changing climate — warming temperatures and changing precipitation patterns — threaten crops all around the world and are making what does grow, in some instances, less nutritious.
We must act if we want to ensure a safe and sustainable food future for all of us. Fortunately, as several of our trained Climate Reality Leaders share in our free new e-book, Climate-Smart Cooking and the Future of Food, making a difference today is possible.
Download Here 



 Alternative Giving for Christmas

From Ignatian Solidarity Network: Education for Justice  

This Christmas, foster a culture of peace by supporting the mission of the social justice organizations and fair trade shops in this alternative giving guide  


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