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The mission of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation ministry is to explore CSA's distinct contribution to the ongoing, nonviolent transformation of the world towards peace, justice and ecology. This work embraces the efforts of sisters, associates, co-workers and others who share the CSA vision. We live out the mission to bring about systemic change by using the lens of nonviolence to focus on the issues of women, children, health care, globalization (especially as it affects Latin America), seamless ethic of life.

Note: The ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author's and should not be ascribed to the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes or its members.

Update and Action on Immigration

May 22, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Since yesterday's Justice Alert I received these communications -- an update on the situation at the border from Sister Eileen and notification about upcoming legislation pertaining to refugees.  

Since March, Washington has not permitted asylum-seekers to cross the border from Mexico in to US and receive hospitality and services at our diocesan welcome center.  This is true at the other borders as well.  Our center occasionally receives a few from the AZ detention centers which hold persons whose “crime” was to cross the border without all the correct papers. We have been advocating for their release due to the high risk of Covid-19 disease in the crowded detention centers. You may want to add them to your list of concern and prayer. 
Thank you.
Eileen, CSA

Invite your legislators to support identical, bi-partisan House Resolution 902 and Senate Resolution 545 that celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Refugee Act of 1980. The resolutions reaffirm the bipartisan commitment of the United States to promote the safety, health, education, and well-being of the millions of refugees and displaced persons uprooted by war, persecution, and violence in search of peace, hope, and freedom.
Blessing to all of you this Memorial Day weekend. Let us work to create a time when we live in such peace that there are no new victims of violent wars to remember. 

Stay safe. Stay well.

Family Separation Renewed

May 21, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

A recent PBS report described how some children are deported back to their home countries without the assurance that they will be cared for and kept safe. To protect her child from the violence and illness in their camp in Mexico, a mother, who left a violently abusive husband, sent her ten year old son across the border to the US in hopes that he would be placed in the care of an uncle. Instead, after ten days, the mother heard from her her son that he had been deported and was back in his home country -- without her. 

Another way that family separation is taking place is described in a blog posted on Immigration Impact (read the full article here.)  

"According to recent reports from attorneys for the detained families, on May 13 and 14, ICE gave the parents a “binary choice:” agree for their child to be released without them or waive the child’s right to release under the longstanding Flores settlement that governs custody of immigrant children."

We condemned family separation before. We must do it again. 

Sister Ruth Battaglia CSA


Protect Our Vote

May 20, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Protect Our Vote

Forcing voters to vote in person during a pandemic is a threat to public health and the integrity of our elections. 
Demand that Congress include $4 billion in the upcoming stimulus bill to secure our vote.
Voting by mail or absentee is the easiest way to ensure that the American people can participate in our elections without having to risk exposure during a pandemic. And expanded early voting will ensure that voters that need to vote in person won’t be faced with long lines and massive crowds.
But to get these reforms implemented in time for the upcoming election, Congress must pass at least $4 billion in funding in the upcoming COVID stimulus bill.
Join concerned Americans throughout the nation to urge Congress to take urgent action to pass the reforms we need to secure our vote.  

  • Call your Senators and ask them to include $4 billion in funding in the upcoming COVID stimulus bill—202-224-3121.
  • Promote the events on social media. Americans should not be forced to risk our lives to vote. On Saturday, May 23 to demand that Congress #ProtectOurVote.

Recommit to Care of Earth

May 14, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Laudato Si' Week image

In May of 2016, the Sisters of St. Agnes created and adopted, as a community commitment, "Care for Earth: Home of All Living Creatures".  It was the result of prayerful reflection on Pope Francis' 2015 Encyclical letter, Laudato Si’ and it committed the community to action on behalf of our common home.

The pope has invited the global Church to participate in Laudato Si’ Week, May 16-24, a time for prayer, study and action for a more just and sustainable world. As we experience the coronavirus pandemic, now, more than ever, we are reminded of the truth of his words, “everything is connected.” 

The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns is providing the following resources for prayer, study and action in observance of Laudato Si' Week.

Visit the Laudato Si' Week website  prayer and event-planning materials, online retreats and webinars, and information on virtual events happening all over the world.

Share this prayer for the global Day of Prayer on Sunday, May 24.   
Sign up to receive daily reflections for Laudato Si' Week from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

Read and share our two-page brief on climate change as part of our 2020 U.S. election brief series, Faithful Voting and Global Concerns.  
Visit the Catholic Climate Covenant website for U.S.-specific events and resources.   

Sign a petition urging the World Bank to stop supporting the fossil fuel industry and instead invest in renewable energy solutions.   

Sister Ruth Battaglia CSA


COVID-19 and Immigration

May 13, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

JustFaith is providing an opportunity for you to tap into their resources, for free, to sustain you in this time of uncertainty. Their weekly resources are meant to be used individually or as a small group via phone or video chat. You are welcome to share them with others.

This week's resource is focused on how COVID-19 is particularly affecting immigrant communities. It is an attempt to honor and acknowledge the crucial role that immigrants are playing in providing our food in the midst of this world crisis.

Week 7  - What about our Migrant Communities

Listen to this podcast  (“One Meat Plant. One Thousand Infections” by The Daily)
(Scroll down to find the arrow to begin.)

Download May 11, 2020 Resource (PDF)
Link to other programs:


Click Here to access the Membership Network

COVID-19 and Climate Change

May 06, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

"COVID-19 & Climate Change" a Climate Action webinar that I viewed a few days ago explored how addressing the two major global concerns, COVID-19 and Climate Change will impact the future. It is already well documented that the general shut down has had a positive impact on the atmosphere. As the crisis subsides the choice for the governments of the world is to do nothing and return to the unacceptable levels of carbon emissions prior to COVID-19, to roll back restrictions to stimulate fossil fuel production sectors, thus causing greater harm to the climate, or to rebuild green, clean and more resilient to deadly viruses. A statement from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes the potential awaiting our nation. 

"As the country continues grappling with the health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Congress is debating and passing a series of legislative packages to provide relief for the critically ill, our frontline responders, and the millions of workers losing their jobs. These economic stimulus packages will lay the groundwork for how we rebuild the economy. We must ensure Congress invests in the future we want: an equitable economy based on clean energy, clean transportation, and sustainable farming, and a healthy democracy that represents all people and allows science to better serve the public."

Seize this opportunity to tell Congress and the President that you want recovery efforts to focus on climate investment and climate technology to rebuild a healthier world for all. 

CSA Lends Support

April 30, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

The Sisters of St. Agnes occasionally join with other religious communities and organizations in signing statements of support or a request for action. Some of the invitations to co-sign come through the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility asking a corporation to protect human rights or take a specific action. Others come from the LCWR through its Social Mission office. Below are recently co-signed letters.

  • We joined 260 groups calling on Betsy DeVos to include undocumented students for Congressional aid after they were excluded from emergency funding. 
  • The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team initiated a letter to Congress calling for a just and environmentally sustainable response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A letter to Nancy Pelosi asked that Congress apply strong conditions on current and future Covid-19 aid laws to prevent personal profiteering by senior executives of recipient corporations.
  • The School Sisters of Notre Dame invited us to sign a letter to the President, Vice President and Congress persons calling for a stop to the deportation of Haitians.
  • A letter with 75 signatures was sent to President Trump expressing concern for the health and well-being of ordinary people in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and other heavily-sanctioned locations during this pandemic. It also asked for relief for people in Gaza, the West Bank, and Yemen.

COVID-19 and Migrants

April 26, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Tune in Monday!

On Monday, April 27th, from 2:30 PM ET to 3:30 PM ET, the Ignatian Solidarity Network will host a live broadcast focused on the situation of migrants in the Americas—bringing in perspectives from Central America, Mexico, the U.S.-Mexico border, and Canada.  
COVID19 and Migrants in the Americas
What is the reality for migrants in the Americas amid the COVID19 crisis? Leaders from Jesuit ministries in Central America, Mexico, the United States, and Canada offer perspectives from throughout the region.
Conrado Zepeda Miramontes, Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes — México
Joanna Williams, Kino Border Initiative — Nogales, Mexico
Yolanda González Cerdeira, ERIC-Radio Progreso — Honduras
Marc-André Veselovsky, S.J., Coordinator, Jesuit Refugee Service — Canada
Broadcast Live at:

Contact your legislators to voice your opposition to the suspension of immigration to the US.

Protect Voting Rights

April 26, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Safe and Fair Voting: We cannot let COVID-19 determine the results of the next elections. 

Webinar --  Wednesday April 29th at 12pm ET to hear how the faith
community is mobilizing to ensure that the 2020 primary and general
elections are safe and fair in the context of COVID 19. 

Register in advance:

Sign a Petition from ACLU:  
Fraught with widespread chaos and confusion, Wisconsin's recent election disenfranchised thousands of voters – many of them people of color and people with disabilities – while putting the collective health of all Wisconsinites in jeopardy.
Sign the petition demanding officials take action to protect the public and our right to vote.

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2020
By Sister Ruth Battaglia, CSA

Pope Francis urges protection of “our garden-home”, the earth.
Happy Earth Day!
Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Fifty years ago, 20 million people (ten percent of the population of America at the time) turned out to say we should stand up for what's right and protect nature, our communities, and our planet.   
You can make a difference by simply raising your voice. Share your message of hope and commitment to care for our common home with your friends, family, colleagues.
Share the video of Pope Francis’s audience and the summary of his words of challenge and hope.

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