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"the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." - MLK 

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An Economy for the Good

May 04, 2023
By Tracy Abler, Justice Coordinator

Goal #3 of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform (Ecological Economics) includes a call for us to focus on the impact the production and distribution of goods and services have on people and planet (now and in the future) and to reflect that concern in our purchasing decisions. It challenges us to examine our own levels of consumption and waste, serving as a profound reminder of “the great need for a sense of social responsibility on the part of consumers” (LS 206). As both Pope Francis and Pope Benedict have reminded us, “Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply economic – act.” Click here to learn more and explore actions you can take to practice responsible purchasing and support ecological economics. 

Watch and share this music video, “Granddaughter’s Eyes”, which is a powerful call to action on climate change. Through evocative storytelling, the song urges us to see the world through the eyes of future generations and inspires us to make small changes in our daily lives to preserve the planet for posterity.

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