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The mission of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation ministry is to explore CSA's distinct contribution to the ongoing, nonviolent transformation of the world towards peace, justice and ecology. This work embraces the efforts of sisters, associates, co-workers and others who share the CSA vision. We live out the mission to bring about systemic change by using the lens of nonviolence to focus on the issues of women, children, health care, globalization (especially as it affects Latin America), seamless ethic of life.

Note: The ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author's and should not be ascribed to the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes or its members. On August 5, 2021, we archived old blog posts. You can find the archive by clicking here.

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Citizenship for Immigrants is in the Senate Budget Resolution

August 10, 2021
By Tracy Abler, Justice Coordinator

Dear Friends,

We are making progress on a pathway to citizenship for millions of our immigrant neighbors. 

Yesterday, the Senate Budget Committee introduced a transformative budget resolution that will do many things to improve the lives of people in this country including by creating good-paying jobs, investing in the green economy, putting families’ health and financial security first and transforming the care economy. 

The Build Back Better budget resolution package also instructs lawmakers to chart a pathway to citizenship for millions of people. The bill text, released on Monday, includes some $107 billion for the Senate Judiciary Committee to spend on immigration reform. This represents a historic opportunity for Democrats to deliver on a visionary budget which includes a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers and other essential workers.

We are asking supporters across the country to call their Senators TODAY and urge them to bring solutions to the table and reject obstruction, half-measures. Urge Senators to reject controversial anti-immigrant amendments which would be a vote against immigrant communities who have been and will continue to be key to the robust economic recovery of the country. Tell them that citizenship for America's workforce is an investment in the American economy. Immigrant youth, TPS holders, farmworkers and essential workers are a key component of our labor force, our economy and are indispensable to our communities throughout the country.

Please Call Your Senators—Today—(202) 224-3121

Sample Script:

Hello!  I’m [ Name ] I’m a constituent from [City, State] and a [person of faith/Catholic sister]. I’m calling because I care deeply about providing a pathway to citizenship for our immigrant neighbors in the upcoming budget reconciliation package.   

There are millions of immigrants in the U.S. who serve our communities as first responders, health care workers, food system workers and caregivers. Many are Dreamers, brought here as children others are essential workers; and some have fled war or natural disasters in their countries of origin. 

Each one of these people are Americans in every sense and they must be given the opportunity to become U.S. citizens. I urge Senator [Name]  to include a pathway to citizenship to all immigrants currently living in the U.S. in the upcoming budget reconciliation package. Can I count on the Senators support for a pathway to citizenship for immigrant Americans?

Thank you!

Please Call Your Senators—Today—(202) 224-3121. We expect floor votes on amendments to the budget resolution to follow fast on the heals of a vote today on the bi-partisan infrastructure package. We need your calls as the Senate turns its attention to the vota-a-rama on amendments on the budget resolution. Please call today and tomorrow. We can get this done and deliver on pathway to citizenship!

Thanks for making the call and thanks for sharing this call widely!

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