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‘To Christ alone I am associated in heaven,

whom on earth I have loved

with all devotedness.”

According to St. Ambrose of Milan, these were the words St. Agnes of Rome spoke

on the day in AD 303 when she faced her executioner. Her crime? Practicing Christianity. Her motive?

A personal attachment to Christ so strong that it made her fearless.

More than 17 centuries later, we Sisters of St. Agnes strive to live as our patron saint did—focused on Christ

and fearless in going wherever his love may take us. Since our beginnings in 1858 on the Wisconsin frontier,

we have served in great cities like Chicago and New York and small communities like Bisbee, Arizona and Amory, Mississippi.

Our sisters currently serve in the fields of education, health care, pastoral ministry, social work, and legal services.

But where we go and what we do is not all that important.

It’s whom we love—Christ alive in our neighbors in need—and how we hope to show it.

With all devotedness.


Short Bio of St. Agnes (PDF in Spanish)