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Lenten Lament Prayer Service, Public Invited

This unique prayer service will focus on the suffering, pain and grieving that is part of the human experience for all people. The first instinct often is to avoid pain. Laments acknowledge pain, are honest about it, and articulate our feelings and frustrations before God. They are the cry of, “How long, O God?” Laments can provide a very honest way to be real and meet with God when life is a struggle. They may center on personal suffering or on societal and global woes. “What better time than during the Lenten Season to let our pain breathe, to create a space for gently holding life’s losses and frustrations,” shared Sister Ruth Battaglia, Coordinator of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of the Earth. “The psalms are full of prayers of lament begging God to hear one’s suffering. Ultimately the purpose of lament is to bring us back to hope and praise of God. This evening will allow a person a quiet place to acknowledge that, while life is at times difficult, we are never alone.”

To attend and ensure seating, please contact Chelsea at 920-907-2300. The date is Sunday, March 18, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the chapel of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes at 320 County Rd K, Fond du Lac (first driveway on the left after passing St. Mary’s Springs Academy).