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UNANIMA International News from the UN and Around the World

It has finally arrived! The first edition from UNANIMA International  News from the UN and Around the World. Here they are in English and Spanish


Krikau Joins CSA as New Director of Mission Advancement 

Fond du Lac, WI – The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes (CSA) is pleased to announce its recent hire of Dusty Krikau as the new Director of Mission Advancement. Krikau will be responsible for developing and implementing methods to promote CSA’s identity and image, coordinating publicity for special events and major stories, and acting as a consultant with the community for public relations. Read more.


Welcome, Dusty!


On Wednesday, December 12, CSA employees and Sisters gathered in the Motherhouse dinning room for the Annual Christmas Party. It was a time to come together and share stories and laughter.


Sister Peg honored for heading Sojourner Truth House mission

GARY - The staff and clients of Sojourner Truth House have known for 21 years that Sister Peg Spindler, CSA, executive director, makes a difference in her community. Last month, the Teachers’ Insurance and Annuity Association made it official. Sister Peg, of the Congregation of St. Agnes, was named a “Difference Maker 100” honoree by the TIAA, one of 100 individuals working in the nonprofit sector throughout the U.S. who have made significant contributions in their communities. Read more.  (Story and photos Courtesy of Northwest Indiana Catholic )


CORE EL Centro
2018  Nonprofit Excellence Awards

Since 2002, CORE El Centro has provided a community that has few primary care providers with holistic health services for all ages, including stress management, acupuncture, reiki training, and yoga and meditation classes. Nearly 6,000 clients of all income levels are served annually, 79 percent of them Latinx. Read More.

CSA associates presenting the 4th annual Advent Prayer Service and potluck meal as our thank you to CSA sisters. It was a wonderful gathering with close to 100 sisters and associates in attendance, despite adverse winter weather conditions.


Decision for Happiness, a video of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes created during their centennial in 1958. The film has been remastered and digitized with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. (36:47 min.)

Shedding Light on a Hidden Gem
Set back from the road by a stand of towering pine trees at the brow of a hill are several buldings that date back to the earliest days of the settlement of Barton and West Bend. (from Daily News, Wednesday, October 17, 2018)  Read more.

CSA sisters, associates, and members of our civic community gathered in contemplative prayer for peace and unity in our world followed by the 27th annual lighting of the peace tree.

CORE El Centro recently received the Nonprofit of the Year Excellence Award from the Biz Times Milwaukee. This award is given to a nonprofit organization in recognition for creativity and innovation in building a sustainable organization, excellence in teamwork and an outstanding dedication to the organization’s mission in the community.  Here is a video of the announcement and Madeline Gianforte’s acceptance speech.

The Experience of Encuentro 2018
The weekend of November 16 - 18,2018 brought much solidarity and peace building as I walked with the young and old, the Mexican people, those from Central American people, United States people. It was a time to confront the evil policies that cause division, hatred and violence. It was a time not to remain silent and to walk the walk and talk the talk of transformation. READ MORE.

Monroe Clinic Dedication
On Thursday, November 15 Monroe Clinic dedicated an etched glass art piece entitled, “Be Still” in honor of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes. The piece was installed in the Meditation room adjacent to the chapel. The morning began with brunch and a tour of the new construction taking place on the Monroe Clinic campus. The welcome by the leadership of Monroe Clinic was heartfelt and reminded those present of the long and fruitful mission partnership between the Sisters of St. Agnes and Monroe Clinic.

LCWR Calls for the Welcome and Humane Treatment of Arriving Migrants

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is deeply troubled by President Trump’s continued denigration of those fleeing untenable situations in their home countries. These are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers who have been forced from their homes by unimaginable violence and insecurity; runaway corruption; and droughts and floods linked to climate change. These are women and girls fleeing intolerable situations of domestic violence. These are young men and women who have no access to quality education and no hope of economic opportunity.

These are courageous people who have rejected cultures of corruption and exploitation. They are traveling the same road trod by our forbearers who fled tyranny and violence in search of the American dream. They are people of hope and promise who only want the opportunity to contribute their toil and talent to this nation.

We reject the president’s rhetoric of fear and policy of division that poisons our politics. We choose instead to embrace a dream for America that is filled with hope for a nation united in service of the common good. We stand with Pope Francis who calls us to “promote the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, particularly the poor and the excluded of society, those who are abandoned, immigrants and those who suffer violence and human trafficking.”

We urge the administration to manage refugee arrivals humanely and in a manner that respects their dignity and rights under US and international law and to:

  • Allow migrants to approach our border and ask for protection in the United States and to be admitted for processing in a timely manner. 
  • Ensure that asylum seekers have access to legal counsel and receive a fair resolution of their claim.
  • Guarantee that parents and children stay together after they are apprehended. Holding families indefinitely in detention or detaining parents while releasing their children violates the values of this nation and the standards set forth in the Flores settlement.
  • Eschew detention of those awaiting adjudication of their asylum petitions in favor of alternatives that are more humane and more cost efficient.
  • Direct Homeland Security to cooperate with faith-based and humanitarian organizations who are prepared to assist asylum-seekers.

The United States has a long and proud history of welcoming immigrants and sheltering refugees. Women religious have been blessed to be able to accompany and serve migrant communities across this country for a very long time. We will continue to welcome them as our national history demands and our faith requires.

LCWR is an association of leaders of congregations of Catholic sisters in the United States. The conference has nearly 1350 members, who represent more than 45,600 women religious in the United States. Founded in 1956, LCWR assists its members to carry out their service of leadership to further the mission of the Gospel in today’s world.

We are deeply saddened at the horrific antisemitic crime that has claimed the lives of 11 of our Jewish brothers and sisters at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, and injured six other people, including four police officers. We pray for the victims, their grieving families and friends and the surrounding Squirrel Hill community as they mourn and seek healing.

There is no place in our country for rhetoric that incites violence. We are all God’s children, together comprising the beloved community of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream as inspired by Jesus.

We join with all people of faith and goodwill who refuse to let hatred and fear find a place in our hearts, kindling instead our capacity to love.

Pre-K thru Grade 5 students from St. Mary's Springs Academy in Fond du Lac came to show their Halloween Parade last Friday, October 26. Many came in varying costumes, sizes and colors. It was such fun to see such creativity put into play!


Top 10 supporters of 2017-2018 were recognized in three categories: financial, food industry and volunteers, as well as the Humanitarian Partners of the Food Bank for Central and Eastern North Carolina.  Sister Mary Ann Czaja was honored with the 2017-2018 Hunt-Morgridge Award for her service.

Sister Eileen Mahony participated in the Nuns on the Bus campaign during the Tucson, Arizona leg of their tour. She was joined by Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK .


CSA Director of Associates, Carol Braun, joined other directors of associates of the Midwest area for their fall meeting and retreat day at the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee. At their meeting they shared best practices and started initial planning of their 35th anniversary in 2019. The retreat day was directed by Sister Suzanne Moynihan.

Associate First Commitment
CSA welcomes three new Associates. Wanda, Mary Beth, and Katie will join other CSA Associates (women and men) who offer the congregation a faith perspective from life experience and responsibilities in single or married life. Associates are called by the Spirit to embody the charism, mission and spirituality of the Sisters of St. Agnes in family, work, and society.

While at the LCWR Assembly, we had a great conversation with Sister Vicki Wuolle, CSA! In this #Nunday video, she talks about how her ministry reflects the spirit of her congregation.

Many of you have seen national news stories about dead fish washing ashore on Florida beaches. Sister Jacque Roller, who lives in Sarasota, sent these links for our information and action. On the first link, a Fort Wayne, Indiana news station interviews Jacque and the second is a petition that she invites us to sign. The other links provide more detailed information about the situation and the cause of the problem, run-off from sugarcane farms. ∎ News story interviewSign this petition: By eminent domain, establish reservoirs.Local news storyYoutube video: The Red Tide ForumA detailed account of the root cause and complexity of Red Tide

Strong families are the foundation for a strong society.  Listen to Pope Francis speak about families.

Oshkosh, June 30  -   Sisters Julie Ann Krahl, Clare Lawlor, Kathleen Ries, and Mary Elise Leiker (L to R and front in picture) were among sisters and associates who braved the heat to join people across the nation to protest the administration’s immigration policy that separates children from their parents.

Over 40 Associates attended the Associate Assembly June 18-19, participating in building community, celebrating our new identity statement, praying, singing, sharing meals and laughter.

The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes celebrated CSA Days 2018 with a Mass followed by a banquet. The Regional Coordinators were feted with a reception at Nazareth Court and Center.   Video of Mass

Religious sisters protest immigrant family separation policy in Marian University march
FOND DU LAC - About thirty religious sisters gathered Wednesday afternoon at Marian University to march in protest of immigration policies that separate children from parents. The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, an order based in Fond du Lac, marched in silence around the campus with handmade signs bearing slogans like “Act morally; reunite families,” “Stop the cruelty” and “God’s earth has no borders.” Read more.    Video

A Hunger for Wholeness: Exploring the Inner-Outer Universe is the title of a seminar that featured Ilia Delio, OSF with John F. Haught and Heidi Russel, held at St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, June 10-13. The presenters see themselves as carrying forward the thought and work of the French philosopher and Jesuit priest who trained as paleontologist and geologist, Teilhard de Chardin. Among the topics covered were love as the cosmological force, the relation between religion and science, the Trinity, spiritual life and the new cosmic story, artificial intelligence, cyborgs (You are a cyborg if your reality includes the technology of joint replacements, prescription glasses, pace makers, artificial limbs, or any other form of technology). Seven Sisters, Jomarie Zielke, Ann Koerner, Mary Lou Schroeder, Bea Lindsay, Josephine Goebel, Kathleen Ries and Ruth Battaglia participated.

The YouTube video is Ilia Delio’s presentation last year at St. Mary's College.

This YouTube video, JkwxxN The Beat Illegal,  is done by  one of Sister Susan Kolb's clients. Sister Susan Kolb, CSA, is an immigration attorney who works on the border.

On Saturday May 12, CSA Associates and Sisters volunteered to prepare a meal, joining members of our civic community for Stone Soup. Some sisters and associates helped to prepare the food and some gathered with the other volunteers and guests in the lower level of the Public Library sharing food, fellowship and hospitality. We shared a meal with great conversation, hugs and smiles, sharing in the joy of giving and receiving, living our CSA mission, aware that we, too, are among the needy and enriched by those we serve.

Sister Joann and Dwelling Place board member Marion Miner were interviewed on Talking Live with Dr. Robi Ludwig on Wednesday, May 9. Dr. Ludwig is a nationally known psychotherapist and award winning reporter and TV personality. Her show is a live Facebook program shining the light on the people who make the world a better and more interesting place. (Log in to your Facebook account.)

8th Day Center for Justice, a coalition founded by Catholic religious congregations, to promote justice, held its final assembly on May 7, 2018.  After 44 years 8th Day will close its doors in August.  This last assembly was a prayerful experience patterned after a Eucharistic liturgy. It acknowledges the vital ministry of 8th Day and ritualized its immanent closure.  CSA has been a member for nearly 30 years and Sister Dolores Lytle was a staff member for 12 of those years.

The CSA community began serving there in 1877. With the departure of Sister Mark Plescher from Altoona, there will be no Sisters of St. Agnes serving in the Altoona -Johnstown Diocese.  "Another Perpective" (article)

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