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We, the Sisters of St. Agnes, as part of our mission into the twenty first century, have committed ourselves to further the role of women in Church and society.

Our deep and vital union with God calls us to discern our distinct contribution as a community of women religious to the ongoing transformation of the world.

We recognize the reality of oppression in the lives of women and the effect of that oppression on the dignity and rights of all people.

We commit ourselves, therefore, to work for justice and reconciliation, endeavoring to:

  • cultivate an inclusive spirituality which empowers both women and men
  • promote educational opportunities which liberate women
  • network to transform existing structures in Church and society which oppress women.


Corporate Responses on Women

Cultivating Inclusive Spirituality

Engage with colleagues in the process of theological reflection, recognizing our human experience as the starting point of reflection.

Use inclusive language and imagery in songs, prayer forms and worship in our community gatherings and those public gatherings sponsored by CSA.

Promoting Educational Opportunities

Search our existing resources and design, for use at the local level, a model of adult education for women which enhances personal strengths and skills, and enables women to pursue further education of their choice.

Networking to Transform Structures

Come together on local settings with women of various backgrounds and experiences to share problems and struggles, and to use our mutual strengths to develop alternatives and find resources. By networking in this manner, CSA members and other women can confront their prejudices, build solidarity, and empower each other to change oppressive structures.

--Developed by CSA Women Committee 2
Adopted July 13, 1989